The Unforgettable 1968 Democratic National Convention

"Perspective helps sometimes."

(Aug. 26, 2008) I remember that Chicago convention so well and so personally. It felt like such a betrayal. While Senator Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut gave his speech, Mayor Richard J. Daley shook his fist and shouted obscenities as the rioting went on outside. Nothing like that will happen in Denver, but it's worth remembering that time forty years ago. 1968 was the most divisive year for America since the Civil War and the results lived on for a long time. How different things might have been if some of those disastrous events of 1968 could have been avoided. Please listen to more of the story of that memorable convention.

Young Art Pitz was "Clean for Gene"  (McCarthy) in 1968 as a graduate student and idealistic political activist.

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