I love History. Why?

Dr. Art Pitz at Decision Point in Montana
The Professor at Decision Point--he confluence of the Marias with the Missouri RiverFollowing the journey of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery in Montana

I never tire of reading history or teaching it. History is stories, and the stories are full of drama, human emotions, thought-provoking choices, heroic and despicable acts, and important lessons. Seemingly disconnected things connect. It has been a great pleasure for nearly forty years to help students see those connections and make sense of current issues. 

History comes alive when you make the connections. Enjoy history anytime, anywhere with Professor's House audio CDs or mp3 downloads.

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History Behind the News


History is about choices.

In June of 1805, Captain Meriwether Lewis had to decide which of two forks was the Missouri River. Fortunately, after nine days, he made the right choice and proceeded up the Missouri to the Great Falls. Later, exploration of the Marias River led the expedition to Camp Disappointment. Other choices are far more complex. Historical events are not inevitable. There are always choices.

Historical understanding helps you make sense of current events and make informed choices yourself. Please sign my guest book for more.

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