Don't Go Down Without a Fight!

Monument to heroes of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Monument to the Heroes of the Warsaw Ghettto on the site of part of the original Jewish ghetto

Mordechai Anielewicz--Soul of the Uprising

Shortly before his death in the bunker at 18 Mila Street on May 8, 1943, Mordechai Anielewicz wrote in a letter:

"Be well, my friend! Perhaps we will see one another again. The most important thing is that my life's dream has come true. Jewish self-defense in the ghetto has been realized. Jewish retaliation and resistance has become a fact. I have been witness to the magnificent heroic battle of Jewish fighters."

Emmanuel Ringelblum, who preserved the most important records from this time, wrote of Anielewicz:

"Mordechai threw himself into the defense activity with all his zeal. Together with other groups and parties the Fighter's Organization was created, at whose head the coordinating commission of the political organization placed Comrade Mordechai. . . . Mordeachai was the soul of the organization, one of its most devoted workers."

(A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust,

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